masters final

Well, it's over, and Phil Mickelson has won his second green jacket. There's not much to this one; he didn't make the big mistakes that everyone else did on the final day and that's what won it for him. Tim Clark holed a bunker shot to take him to -5, as close as anyone else was going to get.  Tiger Woods made it to -4, to tie four others, including Fred Couples.

It was a great final pairing to watch, Phil and Freddy.  They were loose, they were playing well, and they appeared to be enjoying the hell out of the day.  Beats the hell out of watching some of these other guys with no personality ignore each other all day.

All in all a great tournament.  I have one complaint…Phil.  What's with that hair?


5 Responses to “masters final”

  1. RandomThoughts101 Says:

    Lefty won. Good for him.

    Yeah, what’s up with that ‘do?

  2. Sean McLaughlin Says:

    How about Rocco Mediate taking himself out of contention with a 10? He went from -4 to +6 in one hole. Too bad.

  3. RandomThoughts101 Says:

    Who the hell is Rocco Mediate ???

  4. Sean McLaughlin Says:

    Rocco Mediate was in second place after round 1. He was -3 after round 2, -2 after 3 rounds. He fought back to -4 and chasing the leader in the final round when he fell apart. He got a 10 on the 9th or 10th hole and dropped to +6 where he finished. He went from second or third place to 36th in one bad hole. That whole cost him roughly $280,000!!!! What a shame.

  5. Enrique Wilson Says:

    Good for Phil, I like him a lot, but what the hell was he thinking on 18 with his approach shot? I know he had a 4 four shot lead but he should have just aimed for the center of the green instead of going for the flag and ending up off the geen. Anthing can happen at Augusta with those fast/slick geens. Thank god Phil has a great short game. Another great tourny.

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