you really ought to read this

Today.  In the Buffalo News.  Why this wasn't on the front page in 144 point headlines is almost a crime.  Everyone in this state that pays a tax (which covers everyone in this state, you don't think they'd let anyone get away untaxed) should see this and be disgusted.

New York State, local governments and hundreds of authorities have $227 billion in outstanding debt, three-quarters of which has been issued by authorities that run everything from the Thruway system to local sewer systems, according to the Citizens Budget Commission, a business-funded fiscal watchdog group.

It is in the blood of this state.  Why do we continually spend more than we have?  Oh my GOD, I don't get how the hell people can be allowed to run a government this way.  But to move on….I must hand it to the Buffalo News, they always find me something funny:

Bruno and Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver said they both want to see more voter approval; the two leaders presided over a legislative deal that added more than $3 billion in additional borrowing beyond the $8 billion Pataki proposed this year.

Silver blamed Pataki. Asked why lawmakers on their own don't force more voter approval of borrowing, he said, "Well, there's only so much we can make [Pataki] do."

Dude.  Didn't you learn this in Social Studies in 10th grade or so?  Pass a law about it.  When Pataki vetoes it, override the son of bitch.  You can make Pataki do anything, if you really have the balls to do it.  If you really mean what you said.



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