to the city

Me and my family took a nice little ride up to my wife's bank over on Elmwood today. We had some business to transact, and all the folks at the bank love to see the little ones.  So as we were driving through the city I was struck by the architecture of some of the churches and buildings and houses.

Of course right now I can hear a lot of you other bloggers going "well no shit" when reading the preceding sentence.  But I am not a city resident, nor do I work there.  My wife works up on Elmwood, but she's only been there for a year and a half or so.  Besides that, the only reasons I really ever went into the city were for hockey games or partying on Chippewa or the Buff State area.  Hell, I probably hadn't seen the city in other than streetlights for years at a time.

I read many of my fellow 'Buffalo Bloggers' and they've often got something to say about this building or that street or this other section of town.  I am often envious of their intimate knowledge of the City of Buffalo, and wish I knew what the hell they were talking about all the time.  I hadn't really gone into the city and paid attention to anything besides the road in a very long time, so when we went up to Elmwood today, I kept my eyes open.  And I began to see all the things that I have heard on the local blog scene.  Hidden gems.  Proud treasures.  What was just a row of buildings for fifteen years of me driving by suddenly was gorgeous houses.  The businesses often were in wonderfully crafted buildings that oozed character and history.  I know it sounds ridiculously corny, but it was like seeing some of these things for the first time.

I'm a suburbanite.  Always have been, might always be.  But even me and my Southtowns ways need a little city living once in a while.  We've got a beautiful city here, and maybe some of us that left for the so-called greener grass so long ago might just want to swing by and see what we've been missing.


4 Responses to “to the city”

  1. Derek J. Punaro Says:

    I know what you mean. I was so awestruck the first time I walked in the Central Terminal that I joined the organization. I wish I knew (had time to learn) more about all the wonderful buildings and architecture that Buffalo has. Keep an eye on the Preservation Coalition’s website as they have a lot of great tours.

  2. BuffaloPundit » Blog Archive » The Sound of the Penny Dropping Says:

    […] It dropped for Red. Great post. […]

  3. RandomThoughts101 Says:

    Good post Red. Great thoughts. Excellent insight.

  4. Sean McLaughlin Says:

    The closest I ever got to living in the city is South Buffalo. I regret it. I love the city. I recomend it to everyone, even if only briefly. Take a drive during the day and check it out. The buildings, parks and shops make it a very unique city. If you consider our hospitals, museums, zoo, professional sports and colleges it’s a pretty good city. People like to focus on the negative, but the positives we take for granted. I know, our economic and politcal structure is a mess, but besides that Buffalo is a great place. Period.

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