legislature skates again

It seems the Erie County Legislature is going to get away with another one.  When will we ever learn?  This article in the Buffalo News basically says that while the Legislature was found in clear violation of the state's Open Meeting Law, they're getting a free pass.  Basically a pat on the shoulder and a "go forth and sin no more."  Funny.  I particularly enjoy this little blurb:

County Attorney Laurence K. Rubin said, "We're pleased that the judge did not issue a permanent injunction. This is another episode of the unfortunate events of the 2005 budget which we can now put behind us."

Mr. Rubin, I don't think the effects of the 2005 budget are going to be behind us for a really long time.  Thank you very freaking much.

One Response to “legislature skates again”

  1. RandomThoughts101 Says:

    Entire County Leg is basically a joke.

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