a couple things

Could someone explain to me how a penalty for tripping or holding or whatever can be called, yet at the same time the holdee or trippee can get a penalty for diving?  I mean, isn't it one or the other?

The Sabres still have not quite shaken off their funk, and it would be really good if they could manage it before the playoffs start.

Tim Connolly's goal was quite sweet.

Any predictions tomorrow on Ottawa?  (6-5 Buffalo)

2 Responses to “a couple things”

  1. KevinP Says:

    Especially when the “diver” gets ripped down by the shoulder pads?


  2. Sean McLaughlin Says:

    It is possible to be tripped and try to make it a bigger show than it is. Briere has a habit of throwing his arms up or swinging his stick around to get the refs attention. The “dive” penalty is basically the refs way of saying “I dont need help doing my job”.

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