moron the thruway

I read a book once called "Too Many Cooks".  It's an apt title for this fiasco regarding the Niagara Thruway Toll Booths.  There are so many people on so many different places trying so many different approaches that one gets the feeling that the Thruway Authority will resist out of pure spite.  George Maziarz has joined the fray, and I swear I can't think of why.  Oh yeah, state senator pushing legslation to abolish the tolls, or something like that.  I can't keep them straight any more.  I think we're not going to see the end of this for quite a while. I heard an interesting POV from a couple state senators commenting that the main push is to move the Williamsville toll barrier out, so thats where the effort should be concentrated.  

Oh, I wasn't aware that the whole of representative government was unable to work on more than one issue at a time.  What a crock.

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