the masters – predictions

This year the Masters, perhaps the most special of the 4 majors of golf, is going to be tough.  To play, not predict.  Here's what I think. (going way out on a limb here) Tiger Woods will win.  As long as his father does not actually pass away during the tournament, he'll play lights out.  This is the tournament his father always loved the most, and Tiger will be looking to dedicate it to him one last time.  And when Tiger's got something in his mind, you try denying him.

That said, I think Phil Mickelson's going to give it a run, but by about the 3rd round he's going to be trying all sorts of insane shots to try catching Tiger, and Phil's going to fall apart.  Goosen may be there, and I have a strange feeling that Vijay Singh is going to pull out of his funk a little.  Oh, and I would guess that one of those short hitters like Freddy Funk or Corey Pavin will be up there for a while, just to keep everyone shaking their heads.

As for my man John Daly, if he can keep it on the fairway his length will certainly help him.  I can see him making the cut as long as he keeps his head.  Where to keep it, John?  On the fairway…on the fairway…on the fairway….

One Response to “the masters – predictions”

  1. Sean McLaughlin Says:

    I Had to sit at home tending to my injured dog today, so I got to catch much of the action. All the usuals are looking good, even Sergio Garcia. Tiger is at even, but he’s always in the running. It’s nice to see that Hooters and 84 Lumber didnt drop Dalys sponsorship after his wifes scandal.

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