jesse’s at it again

Like you didn't know this was going to happen.  Jesse Jackson's coming to the defense of Barry Bonds.  And ripping on MLB.

A fan at the Giants/Padres opening game in San Francisco threw a "syringe" at Barry Bonds after the eighth inning.  Actually, it wasn't so much a syringe as a turkey baster. 

Here, Jackson almost sounds normal:

"That fan should have been arrested," Jackson said. "That object could have had a needle in it. It could have hit him. The commissioner of baseball must be outspoken in protecting any players whose lives are in jeopardy, whose security is at risk."

The object did not appear to have a needle, and Bonds called it a syringe.

"It appeared to be of the size of something you would use to baste a turkey, and not a syringe per se," Padres chief executive officer Sandy Alderson said.

But then he gets a little loose:

Jackson, a longtime civil rights leader and former presidential candidate, said Bonds has been treated unfairly by those who accept as fact accusations that he used performance-enhancing drugs.

"For some people, it's about suspicion of drug use because they have no proof. For others, it's a cover for other anger that they have," Jackson said. "For example, the closer Hank Aaron got to Babe Ruth's record, the more violence and hate mail he received.

"You cannot let this thing build to the point of irreversible danger," Jackson added.

Jesse, some bigots out there, yes, were angry with Aaron because he was a black man closing in on one of their favorite records held by a white man.  And to them that was blasphemous. 

People are angry at Bonds closing in on the record because he's a lying, cheating, chemically altered, piece of crap asshole closing in on a legend.  That's today's blasphemy.

C'mon, Jesse.  Go get yourself a new race card down because you're wearing yours out by playing it too much.  And get out of baseball.  Barry doesn't need, or deserve, your help.


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