gordon jump, we miss you

Dr. Johnny Fever.  Herbert Tarlek.  Venus Flytrap.  Bailey Quarters.  Arthur Carlson.  Andy Travis.  And Jennifer.

WKRP in Cincinatti still ranks as one of my favorite shows of all time.  And I will admit to having a slight crush on Bailey when I was younger….

Any favorite episodes out there?  I'm thinking "The Contest Nobody Could Win".  Tell me!

And bonus points to whoever can tell me, without looking it up, what Venus Flytrap's real name was…more bonus if you can tell me why he used an alias.

9 Responses to “gordon jump, we miss you”

  1. KevinP Says:

    My favorite? “Turkey’s Away.” “My God, the humanity!” Also, the one where Herb dresses as the WKRP “Karp” and gets in the fight with the WPIG “Pig”

    Venus’ real name: Gordon Simms

    Why: He deserted from the army

    Other than MASH, the best comedy of that late 70’s era.

  2. Sean McLaughlin Says:

    The one with Herb as the “karp” was funny. I liked the one were they got drunk on the air to show the effect alcohol has on your reflexes. How could you not mention the episode when the new disc jockey was doing cocaine and Mr. Carlson thought it was foot powder. What about the episode with the bomb threat and the “phone cops”. I could go on for days. Funny show, feels good to look back on it.

  3. KevinP Says:

    Sean- My favorite from the drunk on the air episode is when Venus says to the Ohio cop “How about me and you swap hats?”

    Don’t know why, but that line has always cracked me up.

  4. Red Says:

    The one where the TV crew follows Herb around for the day and he keeps throwing the football and hitting his son, who only wants to play with dolls. Then they drive around looking for a church, and end up at a synagogue (closed on sunday, of course.) Kinda foreshadowing the reality craze to follow many years later.

    The drunk on the air episode was great. Fever’s deadpan was awesome.

    Foot Powder…and Mr. Carlson starts beating the hell out of his foot with his shoe and yelling “I can’t feel my foot!”

  5. Red Says:

    Oh, and more bonus points…what was the name of the engineer that played thrid base in the ball game against WPIG (I think)?

  6. KevinP Says:

    Wasn’t it Buddy or Bucky?

    I just remember him catching that line drive, looking down into his glove, and just kind of shrugging.

  7. Red Says:

    Holy crap Kevin, you must have watched it as much as I did. It was Bucky. He caught the line drive, and if I remember correctly he had to set his beer down or switch it to his glove hand to throw the ball.

  8. Sean McLaughlin Says:

    Why no mention of Les Nessman and his “office”. Remember his audition tape for his job interview to do television news? Good stuff.

  9. RandomThoughts101 Says:

    Les Nessman was a classic character.

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