commuter pass?

NYS Assembly Majority Leader Paul Tokasz has really hit the ball out of the park.  Fouled it right back over his head, that is.  His solution to the I-190 toll issue?  Commuter passes.  So those that work in the city don't have to pay the toll.  Or is it people who work in the 'burbs but live in the city?  What about those who play in the city?  Or go through the city on their business?  Or people that drive trucks?  Or any other number of reasons that are good for the city or its citizens?  Check yer head, Paulie.  Time to shake out the dust, dude! 

I don't know the numbers on what percentage of traffic is work related, but I have to think that it's a high percentage.  So that would exempt them.  Who's left to pay the tolls?  And is it worth it to clog up traffic at the tolls, even if they aren't collecting from the working stiffs?  I would love to see the bond agreements that the Thruway Authority keeps throwing out there to see what exactly is required.  Of course I do not expect the Authority to just say "here, take a look."  Why would they?  Maybe they ought to try letting some light in on their business.  Wait, that's our business.


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