moron tucker

The boys over at BfloBlog are in full-coverage mode over the latest developments in the Darcy Tucker Incident, so be sure to stop by to find out the latest.

A few comments they made regarding Don Cherry in particular and the Canadian media in general are dead on.  You know "Grapes" is going to say what a great guy Tucker is and that he plays old-school hockey.  Well, before he even starts that crap, let's get something straight, shall we? 

If Darcy Tucker played during the old school days, he probably wouldn't have lasted a season.  The only guys that got away with playing super dirty without paying the price were the Bobby Clarkes of the time; guys that scored a ton and had a lot of protection.  Darcy Tucker's not that good, so back in the day if he pulled some of this crap he probably would have been pummelled into a coma by the likes of Teddy Green or Wayne Maki.

And regarding the comments by Pat Quinn…get a grip, dude.  Your team sucks, your player is a wuss, and you are delusional.


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