good luck with that

I'm sure that by now we've all heard about Brian Higgins' threat to withhold federal funding for the Thruway Authority unless they remove the Ogden and Breckenridge tolls on the I-190.  Soooooooo….

Could someone explain to me how the HELL Brian Higgins has enough pull to rescind funding for a lemonade stand, let alone a very large authority that oversees some of the nations more important roadways?  There are likely a million different reasons that the funding hold-up would die a quick and painful death in the House.  So why do this?  Let me see, political posturing?

I don't think that Higgins is a bad guy, and time will tell how much he gets done.  But let's consider for a moment, OK?  Take the NYPA deal.  I think he played a part in the game.  I think the NYPA low-balled Erie County, Higgins bit on it, the NYPA upped their offer just enough to look good, and Higgins does too.  Again, not a bad move, but I don't think he was the savior everyone's been saying.

How about the Skyway?  He jumps into that after a few other people, so there was little risk.  He backs a pie-in-the-sky idea that's a good one anyways.  So what then?  He can put in some work on it.  If it comes down, good for him.  If not, he still gets his hands dirty and learns something about what works and what doesn't.  That experience should serve him, and us, well.  But it looks for all intents and purposes that he's just trying to get his name out there again.

As a newbie, he's got to make a name for himself in the "club" that is the House and also with the citizenry he serves.  It's a delicate balancing act that requires bold moves in public but also calls for him to follow the old boys network in the backrooms of the House.  As a low ranking member, I don't see that he's got anywhere near enough pull to get funding pulled for the Thruway Authority.  But as long as anyone thinks he might, his clout only grows.  And that's important to his, and our, future.

So he's not the hero we're looking for, but he's learning to play the game.  And if he truly has our interests at heart, then we'll be the better for it.  And so will he.


2 Responses to “good luck with that”

  1. BuffaloGeek Says:

    I touched on this today as well…Boy Wonder Higgins is a favorite target of mine. He’s quickly learned how to buy off his critics.

    and then there were three…

    Red, Geek, and Punaro. It appears that we are the only three members of the blog community not on the Higgins bandwagon. Hop on board, we’re stopping for a keg and some wings. Plenty of room!

  2. Derek J. Punaro Says:

    Yeehaw! We’ll see if his spine bends backwards enough for him to endorse this new “commuter pass” for the 190. I don’t think he’d contort himself that far… but if he does it will be a wakeup call to all his avid supporters.

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