oh c’mon now

This might be the final bell for the "Fix It" feature in the Buffalo News.  At least as far as my reading it.  I can understand potholes.  Dangerous intersections.  Graffiti.  Ill kept properties.  There are a lot of legitimate concerns.  But spelling?

As the article mentions, there are many different versions of the name of the artist formerly known as Michelangelo.  The version on this replica of the Statue of David has been used in the past.  Like when the statue was purchased in France. 

So what's next?  Do we need to call attention to the fact that the HSBC emblem on the top of HSBC Arena is fading?  Send out the SWAT painters!!!

One Response to “oh c’mon now”

  1. Steve Gordon Says:

    From the article:

    “The name is commonly spelt “Michelangelo’ these days, but variations have abounded. Charles Eastlake, in his influential two-volumed Handbook of Painting: the Italian Schools (1837), spelled the name as “Michael Angelo.’ The greatest critic of the 19th century, John Ruskin, also preferred this spelling of the name, so it is not surprising that the trustees followed these authorities.”

    So there. ”

    So that is an accepted spelling of his name? What was the point of the article then?????

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