Today's mass was a fiasco.  For some reason, my 2.5 year old daughter thought the pew was a cool place to practice her climbing skills.  And when I told her she needed to be quiet like in the library and sit down like a good little princess, she put up such a fuss that we had to flee the church to the safety (and soundproof qualities) of the minivan.  We made it almost to the end of the homily.  Which I missed a lot of trying to settle down the child.

On a related note, the priest who said mass was not one of the church's assignees, but rather a guest from some place like St. Francis or something.  And he seemed a tad confused doing the gospel.  Maybe a little too much communion wine.  But Lord was he a big dude.  Had to be 6'6" at least.  Nothing like a huge priest to keep everyone's attention.


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