sometimes technology sucks

I don't know if anyone of you noticed, but I did some posting this morning at around 6am.  That's 'cause I had to get to work at 6:30am, and I managed to get ready a few minutes early.  And all for naught, it seems.

About a year ago our company decided to go to a key fob entry device that would replace all the touch pads and codes and keys.  It also was supposed to be extremely reliable.  So on saturdays, when most of the administrative and managerial staff are home figuring out whether to get the country club membership or the latest 5-series Beemer, no one is there that actually might have a key or some other physical device that can get in the building. 

Sure enough, this morning there was something wrong with the damned key fob doohickey and the three of us that showed up to work couldn't get in.  Dammit.  Now I'm going to be really behind.  Not to mention that I got up at the crack of dawn FOR NO REASON!  And of the people we tried calling that might be able to help us, like the VP of Operations, the Senior Engineering Manager (also in charge of facilities), and the Warehouse Supervisor, you think someone might have their phone on?  Hell no.

At least I get to see a lot of the day!


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