sabres ugh

Let me tell you, I thought the Sabres SUCKED tonight.  I won't really go into it.  I don't even know the final score because I turned it off at 7-0 in favor of Toronto.  I think Thomas Vanek finally coasted enough to coast right on in to the press box for a game or so.  Derek Roy may have f'ed up enough to get a seat right next to Vanek.  And I think Rory Fitzpatrick might be sitting in between them.  That's if any of them can sit after the ass roasting they're likely to get from Ruff.

I was not, I repeat NOT, in a panic about the Sabres' slump.  Until this embarrassment.  I may not even be panicking now, but this is NOT GOOD.  Looks like it's wind-sprints-'til-you-puke time.

One Response to “sabres ugh”

  1. Steve Gordon Says:

    Ugh is right. I hope they get this turned around before the playoffs. 😦

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