I helped a friend of mine move today.  He's got a stereo console from like 1971 that we had to bring down a flight of stairs.  Narrow stairs.  With three guys.  This thing weighed 350 pounds easy.  It's not surprising therefore that when it fell a couple inches and landed on my leg it left a nice welt.  And after coming home and sitting for an hour or two, it's NOT funny how little that entire leg will move and how much it hurts.  I'm getting too old for this shit.

The stereo is worth it though.  It's old, vacuum tubes, Fisher, 300 watts, turntable, cassette player (musta been the first one), and the eight track player works!  Well, mostly.  Thing sounds as warm as a crackling fireplace on a winter evening.  Especially with Burt Bacharach playing on the 8-track.  Ooof.

And if my friend moves again I'm going to accidentally set fire to that stereo so I don't have to move it again. 🙂


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