sabres lose

Again with the crying.  It was another rough night for my little girls as there was much to be upset about:  dinner wasn't mac & cheese or string cheese or mandarin oranges (Sammi) and Mommy tried to actually have .19 seconds to herself (Erin).  So it was tough to keep an eye on the game.  In a completely uninspiring game, one thing stuck in my head and drove me absolutely insane.  For some reason I drew a connection between Scott Gomez the New Jersey Devils forward and Gomez Addams the creepy dude in my dysfunctional brain.  So every time that Rick or Jim would mention Gomez I had this flash of The Addams Family On Ice-capades.  It was rather disturbing.

Oh yeah, and the Sabres lost 3-1.  Bummer. 

3 Responses to “sabres lose”

  1. Sean McLaughlin Says:

    Seeing the game live, the Sabres were on the attack most of the game. They didnt finish on their opportunities. Broduer looked great, except for the soft goal he let in. We only gave up around 20 shots. I’m not sure of the official stats.

  2. RandomThoughts101 Says:

    Sean, did you wear a Sabres jersey to the game? If so, did anyone “start” with you?

  3. Sean McLaughlin Says:

    I wore a sabres t-shirt. Some notable jerseys I did see: Gratton, Lafontaine, Hasek, and Dumont. All of which were in the new colors. Old school jerseys included Perreault and Schoenfield. Nobody “started” with me. The crowd was only filled to about half its capacity. Pretty subdued. It was nice to be in an arena that was from the 70’s. At least thats how old the guy behind me said it was.

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