more parking? like a hole in the head

There's always something funny in the Buffalo News.  And it's not exclusively in the comics.  The Buffalo Common Council is expected to approve the sale of a Court Street parcel to Carl Paladino in order to build an 11 story office tower.  There are a few almost comical lines in this article:

But the leasing director for a major downtown landlord urged the Council to delay the vote until Buffalo Civic Auto Ramps releases an updated parking study. Eric S.P. Lefebvre of the Main Place-
Liberty Group, which offered $1.25 million for the site to build a 600-vehicle parking ramp, said downtown clearly has a parking problem.

Ummm, yeah.  But not the one you're thinking of, Mr. Lefebvre.

"How can they make this kind of decision on parking without knowing what the study is going to say?" Lefebvre asked.

South Council Member Michael P. Kearns said he doesn't need to see a new study before casting his vote.

"Downtown doesn't need more parking," he said.

I think that's well said.


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