yeah, there’s a great idea

I'd like to thank LC Scotty for bringing this up on his wonderful blog.  Sometimes I wonder if Joel Giambra is nuts or stupid.  I especially enjoyed a roll of the eyes when he suggested that we emulate our European and Canadian friends in the area of nationalized health care.  I'm no expert, but I've talked with a number of Canadians that deal with my employer.  They unanimously tell me that they'd rather pay their own that get taxed to death like they are now.  I've heard about long, and I mean long, waits for any surgerys or other hospital visits. 

This begs the question:  Does Joel Giambra have any future in politics?  Or is it OVER?

3 Responses to “yeah, there’s a great idea”

  1. randomthoughts101 Says:

    He will run again. And he just may win.

    What will he run for? Possible Congress against Louise Slaughter.

  2. Jaquandor Says:

    Why is it that whenever the subject of universal health care is brought up, Canada’s cruddy system is mentioned as if that shuts off all possible debate on the subject? There are lots of universal health care systems, such as Sweden’s and France’s, that aren’t frought with the problems that plague the Canadian system. The only dynamic that’s ever brought to bear on this subject is the apparent assumption that if we instituted universal health care, it would have to look like Canada’s system. That is simply false.

    Our system is simply insane, and as more and more large companies abandon health care for their workers, a universal care system is almost inevitable.

  3. Red Says:

    Jaquandor – I agree that our system, should we ever go that route, does not necessarily need to resemble one as dysfunctional as Canada’s. However, Joel Giambra – on the Sandy Beach Show – suggested emulating Canada and Europe. That’s why I brought that up.

    I also agree that our current system leaves much to be desired, but how did we get to this point and what would a universal system do to resolve that? The major reason that companies are dropping heathcare is cost. And is that something that the inception of a universal system will help? Will people stop suing because the government’s running healthcare? I doubt it. Are drug costs going to be completely regulated? Are doctors going to be paid less? Are treatments going to go on sale? With the government in charge will there be less bureaucracy, less overhead? That’s a good one. If healthcare is to be universally available, then we’re all going to pay for it. Taxes, baby.

    Given all that, I still don’t necessarily think that a universal system is completely unattainable.

    Just for the record, my contribution to my health and dental insurance for my family is less than $20 a week. FYI.

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