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The Seneca Nation has asked the City Of Buffalo to improve infrastructure around the Buffalo Creek Casino site.  To the tune of $6,000,000.  The letter on this was dated the same day that Barry Snyder, the Seneca Nation's president, took the Buffalo Common Council to task for asking for assurances that the Nation was done acquiring land in that area.  This article in the Buffalo News goes into some of the details, but there is one line that strikes me as interesting.

Seneca Niagara spokesman Philip J. Pantano said the city must weigh the major investment that is being made in a part of Buffalo that hasn't seen this scale of investment before. The Seneca Nation is willing to pay for all design work associated with the road improvements, a cost that could approach $800,000. In addition, the tribe said it would be willing to foot the $720,000 tab for some work if the city is willing to abandon a portion of Fulton Street to the Seneca Nation.

I don't get it.  The Senecas would have us believe that their $125,000,000 investment in the casino is, in effect, philanthropy.  Oh, so they're investing.  Well, I would guess that they're going to get their money back, right?  They're not going into it to lose, right?  So if they feel that the improvements are necessary, do a deal.  Sign that paper regarding no more land grabs in downtown that the Common Council wanted you to sign and also give up a little more in revenue to the city.  The Seneca nation is getting a great deal.  It's not up to the city to sweeten it even more for them. 

David Franczyk has said that the state ought to pay for 80% of those improvements, since they're getting a bigger chunk of revenue than the city is.  And I'll tell you what.  If the state can find the money for that, they might want to make sure they're parked VERY legally around their offices in Buffalo, because I would guess Bob Meegan would have something to say about that.

Edit 3.31.2006 – Look to Buffalo Pundit for more commentary.


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