canadian invasion – kid style

Buffalo Pundit and In Da Buff have both commented recently on the Doodlebops, a psychedelic and moronic canadian answer to the Wiggles.  If the freaking link button would work, this would be easier, but go here:

The Doodlebops are really freaky, but making a name for themselves, apparently.  However, there's a second string to the canadian fiddle.  Daniel Cook.

"This is Daniel Cook…"  The kid is a red-headed, funky toothed Torontonian that is featured in the between-episode shorts on the Disney Channel.  He's forever doing goofy things like blaring the horn in a Toronto fire truck, eating oddball fruits, making organic paper, lawn bowling with senior citizens, stuff like that.  The freaking song is the kind of thing that sticks in your head like "Co-stan-za" (Seinfeld, anyone?).

The first time one of my kids say 'eh?' the TV's going in the front yard via the picture window.



3 Responses to “canadian invasion – kid style”

  1. BuffaloGeek Says:

    If you want to hyperlink something in a post:

    Type the text you want to appear on the page (ex. Annoying Mindrotting Canadian Children’s Show). Highlight the text, and click on the link button. There will be a popup box that allows you to paste the website address in.

  2. Red Says:

    Oh, I know how to link, it’s just not working at the moment. THe popup is all f’ed up…it’s got code showing and none of the buttons work and I can’t close it. That’s probably because it’s on the wordpress site. Gonna fix that soon

  3. jEN14221 Says:

    I love Daniel Cook. He’s such a dork. Why always the orange shirt? My son calls him ‘Orange Cook’. He’s 2 – very observant.

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