senecas don’t want to promise

The Buffalo Common Council wants a legally binding assurance from the Seneca Nation’s President Barry Snyder that the Seneca’s have all the land they need in downtown for their Buffalo Creek Casino.  Barry Snyder has basically told them to suck it.  Seems that Barry is not very happy that the Council won’t take his word that they’re done acquiring land downtown.  Council members are saying that it’s not that they don’t trust Snyder, it’s just that there’s no guarantee that he’ll be able to keep his word if he’s voted out or whatever.

I find this funny.  With the exception of a few street improvements and a pedestrian bridge, the city has absolutely no leverage at all.  Snyder can pretty much tell them to go soak their heads.  He’s got everything he needs for this casino, so there’s nothing to gain by giving away future acqusitions.   Snyder’s not stupid, folks.  The Common Council may have been better off waiting until they had something to offer in exchange.  If they ever do.  And if they felt that they never would, it would have been easier to wait ’til after the casino’s up and running and then approach them quietly about such an agreement.  You think?

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