asbestos (and worker) removal

Superior Abatement, the contractor that had 7 of it’s 11 workers at a Rath Building asbestos removal job arrested as undocumented aliens, has been in trouble before.  Turns out they fired a guy who squaked about some asbestos they didn’t remove or left behind at a job at Roswell Park, only to have to hire him back after the National Labor Relations Board ordered it. 

 Tim Kennedy is making noise about how his state worker-training law would have caught the aliens.  Kennedy is also convening a little get together to rewrite the proposed law.  He has invited the Associated Builders and Contractors to join in.  They were quite active against the original proposal.  Hopefully, they can make this a bill that can do some good for everyone.
Now I’m not an expert in county projects, contracts, or that sort of thing, but common sense tells me that there are likely some provisions for selecting bidders that require them to have workers capable and certified in performing the jobs they bid on.  I would also think there ought to be some discretion on whether or not to use the absolute lowest bidder even if said bidder has screwed up similar projects before in this area.  C’mon folks, these aren’t things that require a rocket scientist to come up with.  Those provisions – specific to each project – ought to be what decides who’s qualified to bid.  Not some arbitrarily legislated standard that doesn’t take into account the specifics of a project, diminishes competition thereby increasing costs, and favors a select group that just so happens to donate quite heavily to the legislation’s sponsor.


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