it’s getting near that time

The weather is going to start warming up a little next week.  This can only mean one thing…GOLF!  OUCH, my wife just hit me.  Okay, what I actually meant was that it’s time to start cleaning up the yard from the winter’s abuse.  The one thing that kills me around here is the damned leaves.  I have exactly two trees in my entire yard.  One is an apple tree that was a father’s day gift two years ago and is about eight feet tall right now.  The other is a pear tree at the extreme rear of my back yard.  And I have approximately 7,351,003 leaves in my yard.  They’re along the fences, along the hedge on the side of my front yard, all in my front flower beds, next to my shed, in my shed, and against the back of my house.  And this is partly to do with my complete and utter misjudgment of when the first snow will be, ans partly to do with the fact that there are five or six gargantuan trees that are about a foot from my property line all the way around. 

So just think, what’s more fun than tramping around a soaking wet yard in crappy boots raking up leaves?  I don’t know, but as soon as I find out I’ll let you know.


2 Responses to “it’s getting near that time”

  1. BuffaloGeek Says:

    I feel ya. I’ve got one tree on my property in the city. Somehow, my yard is some sort of geothermal magnet for all leaves shed by the massive elm trees that run up and down my block. My neighbors get very few leaves and I spend an entire Spring weekend raking while they lounge about watching hockey.

  2. randomthoughts101 Says:

    Raking leaves helps burn calories.

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