fall, winter, spring, and….

…Construction season!  Coming soon to an incredibly inconvenient place near you!  Route 20 near my house is going to get ripped to all hell.  This summer’s construction there will be on the section between Sowles Road (just northeast of Camp Road near West Herr Ford) all the way down to Amsdell Road.  Look at these pictures, from last year’s reconstruction of the section between Sowles and South Park Avenue, to get an idea.  This year’s road work is actually going to be right in front of the proposed Wal-Mart supercenter in Brierwood Plaza. 

This is going to be a lot of fun this summer.  With any luck it’ll cut down a little on the bag lines at South Shore Country Club. 


3 Responses to “fall, winter, spring, and….”

  1. Enrique Wilson Says:

    Speaking of South Shore County Club, did you see the State cut down all of the trees and bushes between RT. 20 and the golf course. They are going have to put up a net (similiar to Hamburg Golf Course) or someone driving along RT. 20 is going to get killed.

  2. Red Says:

    Yep. I drive by it every day. And I’m a lefty, so when I try to kill a swing I tend to slice it left. That net better be pretty solid.

  3. randomthoughts101 Says:

    FORE !!!

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