seven corners, six, four?

The Hamburg Town Board took back their endorsement of the state DOT’s plan to reconfigure Seven Corners from six roads to four ways.  The original idea was to cut off Big Tree Road just short of the intersection on either side and route the traffic over to Route 20.  This would put two more lights in on Route 20, and require the taking of a residence on Big Tree Road to make the required access roadways.  The town’s turnaround is in consideration of the costs, the taking of a residence, and the additional intersections.  Also, there is a question as to how much lower the accident rate at that intersection can get.  It has dropped dramatically since the addition of turning lanes and arrows.

The town’s preference, and mine, is that the DOT just added a couple more lanes on Big Tree and widened the whole thing out a little bit and left it pretty much alone.  It’s never going to be the most efficient intersection, but screwing around with it to the extent that the state DOT is considering seems to be overkill.  It won’t take a ton of work to make it a bit safer, and I can’t see that going to 4 corners and then adding 2 other intersections would do any more than what the town is asking.  And even though it’s really only 6, I like the idea of keeping Seven Corners.


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