thanks for caring, now leave me to my work

I have about 170 or so fellow employees at my place of employment.  I’ve been there nearly 10 years, so I know many of them fairly well.  My wife also worked there for about 6 years, and apparently everyone loved her.  And I know everyone’s just being nice, but I think it might be time to move on from the “oh my god, you have a baby!!!  How’s she and what’s her name and how big is she and is everyone ok and how are the big sisters taking it and hows mom and tell her we love her and we’d love to see her and when’s she bringing the kids here to see us all!!!!!!!” 

I swear to God I’m going to stop the next person before they get started and hand them a card with our phone number and tell them to call my wife, she’s home with the baby for the next 4 weeks and would LOVE to talk.  Peace out.

I do appreciate all the concern, but every encounter in the hall or in the lunchroom or in the course of everyday activity is taking 5 minutes instead of 5 seconds.  I’m falling behind.  And you know what?  No one asks a single thing about me. 🙂 


5 Responses to “thanks for caring, now leave me to my work”

  1. RandomThoughts101 Says:

    How are YOU doing lately Red?

  2. Sean McLaughlin Says:

    How’s it hangin’ Red?

  3. Red Says:

    I’ve been sick for two weeks, and I haven’t slept for two nights. Other than that, peachy. 🙂

  4. Enrique Wilson Says:

    It’s your third kid, if you are not used to being on the bottom of the food chain by now – you never will. By the way, how is your wife, new baby and older girls doing?

  5. Red Says:

    Oh, I’m used to it, just not quite to this degree yet. Give me another week and I won’t even notice.

    Mom’s doing well, back in her pre-pregnancy jeans after 8 days and now getting itchy to start exercising. The oldest sister, Megan (not my wife’s daughter, she lives with her mother) is way psyched. The younger older sister, Sammi, is psyched too. But she’s also a little sensitive and jealous right now, but she’s getting over it. Slowly.

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