what’s next, cyclone other brother darryl?

Australia’s northeast coast was beat to hell by a category 5 cyclone that ripped up the coast with 180 mph winds.  Miraculously, there were no deaths, and only minor injuries to around 30 people.  Innisfail, a little town of 8,500 about 60 miles south of Cairns, was hit the hardest.  The mayor, Neil Clarke, said “It looks like an atomic bomb hit the place.”  The response, from quite a few reports, was quick as hell.  Choppers were ready for rescue missions, and most people along the coast were long gone before the cyclone hit.  

The casualty toll was so low because people left town or went to shelters after authorities posted warnings. Residents and officials were mindful of the damage Hurricane Katrina did to New Orleans and Mississippi last August, said Ben Creagh, a spokesman for Queensland state Department of Emergency Services.

“Everyone here studied Katrina and took a lot of messages away, a lot of lessons at the expense of the poor old Yanks,” Creagh said. “There was absolutely no complacency at the planning level at all, and I think that shows. … Good planning, a bit of luck — we’ve dodged a bullet.”

Read the whole article here.

By the way, I love the name they gave this one: Cyclone Larry. 

Git ‘r done.

One Response to “what’s next, cyclone other brother darryl?”

  1. KevinP Says:

    Wait…you mean a major hurricane hit Australia and nobody died because everybody got out of the way of the hurricane?

    What a novel concept.

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