And the battle begins.  Eliot Spitzer v. Indians.  Gonna be a doozy.  You can see this post for my thoughts.

I was reading a post over at Buffalo Pundit that got me to reminiscing a little bit, so I thought I’d share.

I used to smoke.  I never thought about quitting, other than to think that at some point in the future I’d do it.  It’s strange, really, the way I could convince myself that smoking wasn’t hurting me; that somehow I was immune to the effects.  Sure, I couldn’t get up a flight of stairs without huffing a little bit, but that was the extra few pounds I’d added over the years.  The irritability wasn’t the withdrawl from nicotine, I was just aggravated that my break at work seemed so far away, or church was going a little long.  That grayish-green stuff I was hacking up in the morning was just the dust from work.


So anyways, one day I finally decided to quit.  Yes, it was one event which galvanized me.  It wasn’t anything tragic, but it was something that affected me deeply.  It precipitated a realization that time wasn’t slowing down and there wasn’t really any good reason not to quit anymore.  So I did.

Right about when I had been smoke-free for a full year, someone at work was deciding to quit.  So he asked me how I had done it, and I told him that I had the best trick in the world.  So he gathered up a couple of other guys to hear it, and they waited with bated breath.  This is what I told them:

Under no circumstances, never, ever put a lit cigarette in your mouth.

That’s it?  They all looked at me like I took their last hope.  Yeah, that’s it.  There’s no easy way.  You MUST want to quit.  And if you don’t have that, all the patches, gum, and hypnosis in the world aren’t going to do shit.  It’s about not using excuses: Bad days, stress, relaxation, out with the boys and one won’t hurt. 

Hey, I’m not here to tell you that you’d better quit or you’re going to die a horrible death.  That’s your call.  But if you want to quit, take my advice.  Just do it.



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