gerry adams part 2

Apparently, there’s a little part of the story that didn’t get around.  Gerry didn’t leave himself a hell of a lot of time to get through security at the airport.  How that information didn’t get out immediately, I’ll never know.  It would seem that the story was reported a little one-sided there.  I also have noticed that a few people were not too thrilled to know that there was going to be a terrorist coming to South Buffalo.  It’s interesting to see the vast difference in people’s perception of the guy.  Terrorist, politician, Irish hero, you name it.  What do you think?


One Response to “gerry adams part 2”

  1. BuffaloBlogger Says:

    It wouldn’t have made a good story if he was late.
    My wife who is British (but has Irish parents) really wanted to hear what he was going to say. Not becuase she agreed or disagreed with what he stands for but because she studied him in school and thought it was amazing that he was going to be in Buffalo for St. Patty’s day. When she spoke to her mother and told her about his coming here, her mother tended to have stronger opinions about Mr. Adams (I didn’t hear them but it wasn’t positive from what I gathered)
    Regardless, it would have been interesting to hear his speech but it was not to be since he couldn’t get to the airport on time. (By the way… he had other things planned for Saturday… no other flights to Buffalo leaving the Washington area after 5:10?)

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