blast from the past

Indeed it was.  After the Sabres’ disappointing 4-2 loss to the Senators this evening, I started up the evening routine.  One of those items is turning off the TV after I have set it to channel 2.  Imagine my surprise when I saw that it was Saturday Night’s Main Event all over again.  I thought that had been gone for 15 years, at least!  Professional wrestling on NBC.  Boy, what a thing to behold.  I don’t ever want to say that I was interested, but I just watched Shane McMahon (Vince’s kid) and Shawn Michaels go at it.  Ah, memories.

I seem to remember a certain apartment somewhere over near the Erie County Fairgrounds that used to see a bit of Pay-per-View wrestling action.  I dare say one or two of my fellow bloggers remember….yeah, that’s right, boys.


3 Responses to “blast from the past”

  1. Steve Gordon Says:

    Ahh, yes. Wrestling nights. I’m not sure if I lost more brain cells from the beer or from being exposed to those ridiculous story lines Vince pumped out. Either way, those were some good times.

    I also seem to remember rushing home from a soccer game (at a very young age) with my friends to their house to watch the first WreslteMania- we actually got there a little after it started. Their parents had purshcased cable just for the event. If I remember correctly, both the cable remote and the VCR remote were attached with a wire. I also seem to remember King Kong Bundy winning his match in like 20 seconds or something and thinking, “Wow, what an athlete!”

  2. RandomThoughts101 Says:

    Drinking beer is fun, even if it does cause the death of brain cells.

    Both the cable remote and the VCR remote were attached with a wire? Did they live in a trailer park?

  3. Red Says:

    Dude, it was 1985. I believe Mr. McL……. would have had to mortgage his house to get a non-wired remote.

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