one for the good guys

Today in the Erie County Legislature something good happened.  The bill to direct all county projects to only those firms with State DOL approved training (apprenticeship) programs has been sent to committee.  This virtually assures that the measure is dead, although a close eye will have to be kept on the kindergarten over there to make sure they don’t try to sneak it in the back door.  This was a victory for common sense and efficiency, no doubt about it.  I don’t particularly feel that the unions and union shops themselves are bad, it’s just that they ought to be able to pit their strengths and weaknesses against other non-union shops’ strengths and weaknesses in a fair market.  A market unfettered by regulations promulgated by special interests to better their own chances.  This is the market where the county, and the taxpayers, get the best deal.

Go here for more details from BuffaloGeek.


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