black and white night

I was flipping through the channels tonight between commercials during the Sabres game, and stumbled upon one of my all-time favorite concerts – Roy Orbison and Friends: Black And White Night.  Roy Orbison is one of my favorite vocalists, and his songs haunt me and give me the chills.  On this night, he got together with some friends to do a greatest hits concert.  The friends included Bruce Springsteen, Elvis Costello, Tom Waits, Jackson Browne, Bonnie Raitt, kd lang, among many others of note.  The entire concert was filmed in black and white 35mm, and looks like a swanky, old school night club from the 30’s or 40’s or something like that.  Roy was in great voice, and the musicianship was stellar.  All this put together was simply awesome.  Sadly, Roy Orbison died later that year, and it is one of my great regrets that I never saw him perform live.  If you ever get a chance, this concert is a must see. 

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