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I’ve been reading here and there about the latest county initiative to award all county building projects to companies that have “approved training (apprenticeship) programs.”  Now, if I’m not mistaken, this pretty much guarantees that union shops are about the only ones that can bid on county capital building projects.  Without getting into all the little side issues that are involved – such as the requirement that 30% of the workers must be minorities or women – it seems to me that all this does is limit competition on these bids.  Isn’t that a BAD thing?  There shouldn’t be any limits on bidders other than the requirements of the job.  The contracts out for bid already specify quality, safety, and other standards that must be met.  Why further limit the bidder?  If the idea is to get quality work, which I’m SURE is the reason (wink, wink), then union shops should already be well positioned, right?  Of course if the idea is to funnel contracts to only union shops so that they’ll endorse certain political persons, this would be a really good idea.

Interesting how this kind of slipped under everyone’s radar.  Vote was 11-4 in favor, Giambra vetoed it (which goes to prove that a blind squirrel still finds a nut once in a while), now there’s a vote tomorrow to override the veto.  They need only 10.  Maybe this is a good day to let your legislator know what you think….

Thanks to BuffaloGeek for the heads up.

One Response to “more interesting stuff”

  1. randomthoughts101 Says:

    Good point Red. I heard Sandy Beach go crazy on this topic today with good reason.

    It is bad. It’s a poorly written piece of legislation that must be shot down. Give Giambra credit, he didn’t like it. Now it’s up to the County Leg to do THE RIGHT THING.

    We will find out what happens Thursday afternoon.

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