are you sirius?

I am laying here in bed listening to Sirius 004 – Movin’ EZ.  It’s great for relaxing.  America, Seals & Crofts, James Taylor.  Ah, the music of my parents’ 70’s.  As I listened, it seemed that much of the musicianship was so much better back then.  For instance, I’m listening to Reminiscing by the Little River Band. The quality of the playing, the singing even, seems so much better than much of what I hear that is recorded these days.  Is it that I’m a fogy, or was there some sort of premium on that quality back then that doesn’t hold today?  Or is it something else completely? 

Of course then they had to go and blow it and start playing Phil Collins Can’t Hurry Love.  Morons.

2 Responses to “are you sirius?”

  1. Eric P Says:

    No, you’re noy an old fogie. As as musician, I have noticed that the most important elements for pop music success include production, attitude, and video appeal. A lot of good musicians simply will never make it simply because they aren’t visually appealing or don’t exude enough attitude.

    Don’t even get me started about the lack of true musicianship in rap, hip-hop. A morphed, sampled sound and a video game beat do not impress me as great musicianship. Of course, there are lots of exceptions, particularly with the singing – good singing is good singing, even if it is done to a sampled video game sound. But attitude seems to be a primary ingredient.

    I’d rather hear somebody play Bach or Hendrix on a ukelele.

  2. Red Says:

    Eric: I’m right with you on the Hip-Hop thing. There’s music, then there’s that crap. Hendrix on ukelele? I wonder…my dad’s got a mandolin….that might be kinda fun. 🙂

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