more notables gone

Peter Tomarken, host of “Press Your Luck,” died in a plane crash this morning.  The plane he was piloting went down with engine trouble into Santa Monica Bay.  Remember that show?  BIG BUCKS!  NO WHAMMIES!!!!!!!!!  And then the little animated whammie things that always did something deifferent.  Cool show.  He was 63. 

Maureen Stapleton died also today, at the age of 80.  She was a long running star on stage as well as the silver screen.  She won an Academy Award for Supporting Actress in “Reds” (1981) which I don’t think I ever even heard of until now.  The roles I remember her in the most are the mom in “Johnny Dangerously”, and more especially the con-artist chick that sells Tom Hanks the “Money Pit”.  I thought she was great in those.

Is it just me, or does it seem like there’s quite a lot of notable people dying lately?  It always seems to happen, at least to my humble and unscientific observations, in the first three or four months of the year.  I don’t know if it is the cold weather, or if I just notice more when football’s not on.



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