I was sitting here in my living room with the TV off and just enjoying the relative quiet, as the girls are all in bed.  Not asleep, but hanging out, watching one of those shows that I don’t care for.  So as I cast my eye aroud the room looking at all the stuff that was acquired here and there for half-forgotten reasons, I glanced at the fish tank.  And it occurred to me that I have had those goldfish for almost 2 years.  The amazing part is that I (OK, my daughters) won them at the St. Mary’s Of The Lake lawn fete.  I’m not sure if everyone’s familiar with the expected life span of a carnival goldfish, but I think you’re lucky if they make it through the weekend.  It must be a miracle.  I wonder if these fish hold the longevity record?


3 Responses to “goldfish”

  1. SolarEclipse Says:

    Nope, sorry. We have 2/4 left from the Eden Corn Festival in 2002. Cost $4 to win 4 goldfish, then about $700 for a new aquarium to put them in because they got way too big for my old 10 gallon. 😉

  2. Red Says:

    You want mine? I have a 5 gallon tank and don’t have $700 for a bigger one. I think I’ll get some smaller fish next time. Neons, maybe.

  3. SolarEclipse Says:

    No! We’ve been hoping the other two would die off so we can turn the aquarium into a saltwater tank! 🙂

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