cable tv

Seems to be the topic today.  I saw over at Buffalo Pundit as well as Buffalo Geek the discussions about Adelphia’s pricing, sattelite TV, and DSL.  One of the sides of this that hasn’t gotten much play is unbundling by cable and satellite as a cost saver to consumers.  Providers say that it will end up costing more because the less popular channels will end up costing more, and maybe force them to go under.  This would lead to higher costs for channels that are barely afloat, and less programming choice when the fringe channels go under.

Proponents say that a la carte programming would allow consumers to pay only for what they want, thereby lowering cable bills.  Also why should we as consumers pay larger sums for stuff we want in order to subsidize the other channels.  Is it the consumer’s responsibility to keep niche channels on the air?



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