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I was going through my dresser looking for decent a shirt to wear tomorrow when I ran across a Van Halen concert T-shirt.  And that reminded me of the rumor that Van Halen would be the next band to do “Rockstar”, the lead singer search show that INXS did last year.  CBS has denied it, Van Halen’s management has denied it, but David Lee Roth says it’s a done deal.  Who knows.  But I do think it’s sad that Van Halen’s kind of gone away.  There’s such talent there, but DAMN they are a bunch of screwballs.  I do hope they get the band back together, and I almost don’t care who’s singing as long as it’s not Gary Cherone from Extreme.  And as nauseating as I find most any of these star-search shows, I probably would watch “Rockstar” with Van Halen.


5 Responses to “something else”

  1. Steve Gordon Says:

    I heard VH is about to make a comeback. The have narrowed down their search for a new lead singer to David Hasselhoff, one of the guys from Milli Vanilli or Doug Allen.

    Of course, this info could be totally wrong.

  2. Red Says:

    Doug Allen would be perfect.

  3. Steve Gordon Says:

    I’d like to hear Allen’s version of Pamana or Mine All Mine.

  4. RandomThoughts101 Says:

    Doug Allen – I heard he has a fan club down in the Long Island area. Some fool is printing up t-shirts with his picture on them – can you believe it?

  5. Sean McLaughlin Says:

    Doug Allen Rules!!!!!!! I dont understand why they put him in the stands instead of on the red carpet at center ice. He may be the best choice for VH considering the age of their fan base. hahaha. I dont think Doug Allen would sell out like that though. He has a real job!

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