happy birthday

I went to my cousin’s son’s birthday party today.  He turned seven.  It was just me and mid-kid Sammi, as Mommy and Erin stayed home and Megan was with her mother.  We get there, and Sammi sees Grampa.  And that right there was about the end of me hanging out with her.  My mom tried to get some attention from Sammi, but was viciously shot down.  It was kind of funny. 

What was really nice was that it was just warm enough to get the kids outside running around for a bit.  This cut down on a lot of the traffic and screaming and broken stuff in my cousin’s house.  A lot of energy got expended outside that really couldn’t have been had they stayed inside all day.  I’ll bet a lot of those parents (me included) are loving the early bedtime some of these kids must have had.


One Response to “happy birthday”

  1. RandomThoughts101 Says:

    Grandpa’s are the best. I’d ditch you too Red if I had the chance to hang out with one of my grandfathers.

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