one last memory

I just remembered another thing about the old Town Of Hamburg.  I used to be able to travel at the speed of 55 mph on more than 3 roads.  I think the only sections that we get now are Rte. 5 between South Creek Rd. and just before Pleasant Ave; then again Rte. 5 between that old drive-in (yeah, I know, you got no idea what I’m talking about) and Woodlawn; the last I can think of is Rte. 20 from just southwest of Amsdell Road to South Creek Rd, where it continues as 55 mph after leaving the town.

This of course does not count the Thruway or the 219.  Can anyone think of another spot that I’m missing?

Pretty soon the whole are will be nothing but 40 mph.  Might as well give it up and get a Auto Di Fini.

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