…hello Halliburton?

(disclaimer – tongue is planted firmly in cheek)

I heard today that Halliburton has announced it’s latest business venture, a foray into port management.  President Cheney….ooops….Bush has announced that the Federal Government will be responsible for running these ports, and therefore is appropriating all rights of operation.  Furthermore, the goverment contract to run it will go to Halliburton.  The contract, which will pay somewhere in the range of $9.3 billion a year, is for 45 years.  Dick Cheney will resign immediately to take control of the port operations, and will be paid $100 million per year with health insurance and 401k plan, not to mention 6 weeks vacation and free pacemaker batteries for life.

(you know someone was going to say it, why not me?  Some left wing-nut will certainly say this is the end result they were looking for all along.  Right. 🙂 )


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