goodbye dubai…

Dubai Ports World has backed out of a deal to run US ports, so it looks like there won’t be ashowdown between President Bush and Congress. This thing looked like a real mess when it started, and was going to get worse. Now everyone can stand down a little and take a deep breath and then start asking some real questions about what just happened.

I think one of the major thoughts to come out of this whole fiasco is this: how much of a security risk is it to have foreign companies running sensitive US interests? And how much of that sort of thing is already going on? I mean, it’s hard to beleive that every conceivable point of entry, every tiny piece of our nation’s security puzzle is completely owned and controlled by the USA or US-sympathetic people and corporations.

The questions I see coming are these: How do we distinguish between those who are and are not security risks? And if we really haven’t been looking at these questions, what do we do when we find that a major piece of our security puzzle is influenced by a less-than-ideal interest?


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