gas, time, and money

Holy crap!  I took my wife’s mini-van to the gas station to get $30 of gas.  Nice round number.  Not exorbitant, not too little. 

I got half a tank.

Suddenly I felt old.  I felt the same way when we bought that van and I heard myself say that $318 per month wasn’t really a big deal for a car payment.  Everytime I really take stock of how much more things cost, and how I never really noticed until just then, I feel OLD. 

Perfect example.  This past year my cousin married this great guy.  So we all went to the stag, of course.  My cousins and I were almost shocked when the tickets were selling for $35.  Upon consideration, well, they’ve been $20 or $25 for as long as I can remember.  Why shouldn’t they go up a bit? 

Then I thought: I’m getting old.

 What things make you feel like time’s passing way too quick?  Hell, it was all over the place for me today.  Remembering the bridge over the tracks on South Park Ave. in Hamburg near Scranton Road.  Trying to remember where exactly the drive-in theater on Rte. 5 near the Ford Plant was situated.  Or the driving range there too.  It was near the traffic circle, remember?  Oh yeah, that’s gone too.  Driving by the Bayview Deli Mart over by Frontier High School and realizing that was once the gymnasium for the Big Tree Elementary School that I went to.

Shit, I’m gettin’ old.


5 Responses to “gas, time, and money”

  1. RandomThoughts101 Says:

    When I was going to Buff State I could fill up my old green Dodge Neon Sport with $11.00.

    11 bucks! Those were the good ‘ol days…

  2. Steve Gordon Says:

    Random: How many miles did you put on that Dodge Neon? I forget what your odometer read when you turned the car in.

  3. Steve Gordon Says:

    Red: If that’s what made you realize you are getting old then count your blessings.

    I realized I’m not as young as I used to be when the following happened:

    -I started noticing phantom-hairs growing from my ears
    -I started faling asleep in front of the TV at 9:00 at night (no, not passing out)
    -I started criticizing the music that some of the younger folks listen to (and meaning it)
    -I played street hockey goalie for my neighbor’s kid and felt like I was beaten up after
    -my wife and I bought a minivan
    -I got excited because I got new kitchen cupboards
    -my Saturday date night was spent in Lowes and Tops

  4. Red Says:

    I guess that’s true, Steve. I’m thinking my first minivan purchase was depressing. I have, of course, been criticizing most music that’s current for about 15 years, so there’s no big deal there.

    Extra hair? That’s a GOOD thing, even if it’s not in the best spot. More to transplant later.

  5. RandomThoughts101 Says:

    New kitchen cupboards = a reason to get excited.

    The final tally on the Dodge Neon mileage odometer was unknown. I do know that it is illegal to “crack” the odometer and try and fudge the mileage.

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