standing still

It would appear that the Buffalo Sabres’ management is happy with the team as it stands.  The only move they made before the trade deadline was trading Mika Noronen to the Vancouver Canucks for a bag of pucks (2nd round pick). 

I think the Sabres should have packaged up Noronen with a forward to get a good defenceman to bolster the blue line.  That is if they were hell bent on moving Noronen.  I would much rather have moved Biron now with another forward if required, and gotten a really top-notch defenceman in return.  I guess we’ll just have to hope that Dmitri Kalinin plays like an All-Star and no one else gets hurt back there.  This looks to me like a typical Darcy Regier maneuver in which he waits until the absolute last minute to do a deal, and it’s a nothing deal at that. 

The upside of having not traded Biron is that the Sabres now have one hell of a 1-2 punch going into a playoff run.  That could loom huge as goalies are not the healthiest players this year, and depth at that position can be a deciding factor in a long playoff run.

2 Responses to “standing still”

  1. RandomThoughts101 Says:

    You spelled defensemen with a “c” and not an “s.”

    I don’t like that.

  2. Red Says:

    Dude, we live so very close to the border, with such a comingling of language and spelling and usage, that I feel justified using the canadian variant of the word.
    Take off, eh!

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