this is pretty nuts

I just saw a commercial on TV, WB49 I believe it was, for a certain law firm.  At the first sign of these commercials, I usually turn the station or start using a loud power tool or ANYTHING so I don’t have to deal with it.  This time, though, I was holding my new baby and was nowhere near the remote so I had no choice.  And boy, I really needed to see this one.  A law office with a specific focus on:

Video game seizure claims.

OK.  Is it possible that I missed the great plague of seizures catalyzed by video games?  Or did someone just win an enormous judgment against one of the manufacturers for this reason?  Or have we all gone completely freaking bonkers?  No disrespect to the many lawyers out there doing a noble job for all the right reasons, but you’ve got a small subset of your profession that’s turning the legal system into nothing more than a get rich quick scheme.  And I know, dammit, before you get on my case, that there are other people involved in this fiasco.  Like judges and juries that hand out ridiculous judgements.  And people that can not seem to take responsibility for a single thing they ever do.  

But they’re not advertising. 

Sorry.  Had to rant.


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