barry bonds, go away

There’s a book being published that basically destroys Barry Bonds.  Man, he should just go away.  If he gets to the home run record, who would even recognize it?  The record book wouldn’t be big enough to hold the size of the asterisk they’ll have to put next to all of his records.  I can’t imagine who’s left that would defend him.  His own team won’t comment on the book.  Barry sure as hell isn’t going to, other than to say that it is all a fabrication.  And when it comes down to it, would you believe a thing that came out of Barry’s mouth right now?  The guy ought to just go away for the sake of the game he supposedly loves so much.  But he won’t, because it’s all about him.  Always has been, always will be.


3 Responses to “barry bonds, go away”

  1. RandomThoughts101 Says:

    I want to read the article in this week’s edition of “Sports Illustrated” and then really go off on Barry. I’m sick of the guy. I hope he retires yesterday.

  2. Steve Gordon Says:

    I know nothing about baseball, but I do know that Barry Bonds is an ass.

  3. RandomThoughts101 Says:

    Bonds is a prick.

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