where did they all go

So I’m going this morning to pick up my wife and my new baby at the hospital.  Of course in preparation for this, I needed to clean the mess that I left from two and a half days of bachelorhood in my house.  So I cleaned and did some laundry, and then I started to do the dishes.  So what to my surprise did I discover?  I have found that with my wife somewhere else, our number-of-cups-or-glasses-per-member-of-the-household ratio has dropped like a stone.  I had to wash two of Sammi’s cups and my Budweiser pint glass.  That’s it.  And that was from 2.5 DAYS of me.  I am well aware that some of my old habits die hard, but I never got sick from not using a new glass with each refill.

I’m fine with using a glass, rinsing, then reusing for another beverage.  Is that so wrong?  What about you?


7 Responses to “where did they all go”

  1. RandomThoughts101 Says:

    I always rinse and reuse. I also don\’t mind letting dishes pile up for about two or three days but I always get lectured if I don\’t wash them after EVERY meal.

  2. Steve Gordon Says:

    Rinse and reuse is the way to go. Otherwise, you\’re running the dishwasher/ doing the dishes way too freakin\’ much.

  3. Sean McLaughlin Says:

    My girlfriend does the dishes so I use, use, use. In my single days I would make sure the water was scalding hot and I would burn off anything on the glass and use it all week.

  4. Jen14221 Says:

    I fill and empty the dishwasher every damn day and one reason is because of my husband’s glasses and the kid’s sippycups.

  5. Red Says:

    Update: I’ve been on this same glass for 2 days now. My wife is miffed that I should even bring up such a subject. Sheesh.

  6. Ali Says:

    1st of all congrats on the baby. 2nd of – R dishwasher runs 2x a day everyday. Wife makes sure it happens.

  7. Red Says:

    Thanks, Ali. That’s next on my wife’s update list: a dishwasher. We’ll see.

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