i can’t reach the buttons

Some things occurred to me today while I was digging some stuff out of my minivan and putting it into my wife’s minivan.  Of course the first thing that occurred to me was that I am probably one of not to very many people with two minivans.  But that’s not really the main issue here.  Last year the stock radio in my van took a big giant dump, and refused to tune any station besides 99.5 FM.  And the tape deck (horrors) didn’t work at all.  I also have Sirius radio in my van, because frankly most of the music radio stations around here SUCK, and I don’t always want to listen to the same three mix CD’s that I’ve grown to like.  So what exactly is the point?

 I have 2 remote controls for my van’s audio system.


Please tell me what purpose they could possibly serve.  Besides the usual “Check this out man, TWO remotes for this sucker!”  I mean, IT’S RIGHT THERE.  Unless you drive like them slackers in their ’93 Grand Prix with the seats back farther than my living room recliner will go, how could having a remote serve any useful purpose whatsoever?  Thoughts?


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